The New Orleans field trip always signifies that we are drawing near to the closing of  a school year. This group of students and parents have been such a blessing to us this year. What a day we had in New Orleans. We boarded our buses at 5:30am Friday morning and were full steam ahead until our arrival back at school around 11:00pm. The students’ excitement is always fantastic to see and we love sharing the experience with them. We had amazing chaperones who helped so much. Thank you all so much for the part you played in our joy this year!


11 thoughts on “NOLA

  1. oh! and of course her blog is cool!she leaves so many memories on it that we can go back and see how much fun we had together. Not as a class, but a TEAM.

  2. i had a blast in nola . That is such an interesting place to visit !!! i learned a lot and enjoyed getting away from school ! i even ate a bug !!EEWWWWW!the hurricane on the bayou was a movie that touched my heart !!! i know that the fifth graders next year will really have a GREAT time ….

  3. hey!i loved going to nola eith fifth grade it was fun and interesting because i never have been to new orleans!!!i have to agree with morgan ryan we should go to the aquarium next time!!!!

  4. nola was awesome. I agree with Morgan we should go to the aquarium.Hurricane on the bayou was SAD. I get to go to nola for 2 weeks this summer. shnos

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