Forget About Old Fashioned Homework

Below you will find two links. Your assignment is to complete each game. If you get an answer wrong, begin again until you get it correct. Don’t just guess, if you do not know. Make wise decisions based on what we have discussed in class. Happy clicking….

Simple, Compound, or Complex:
Figurative Language – Fling the Teacher:

One final step before completion: Post a comment below to let me know you have finished and what you thought of the assignment. I’ll be checking on your progress in class


40 thoughts on “Forget About Old Fashioned Homework

  1. Hey! I loved the game, especially the teacher thingy one, we should have more hw like this! (just suggesting) I only missed like 2 on the fox thingy game and none on the teacher slingy thingy… I really like it From, Riane

  2. Hello Mrs.Dubose I played the fox game last night and it was so fun.I really injoyed playing it, even my mom played it. She really liked it too.Hope to see everyone tomorrow at school. BYEEEE!!!! See everyone tomorrow!!!!!!!From: Teanna Luckett

  3. Hello Mrs. Dubose I enjoyed playing the fling the teacher game. It was so fun. My mom didnt play this time, but i will let her play this weekend.See everybody tomorrow.BBBYYEE!!!!!From: Teanna Luckett

  4. Hey!Mrs.Dubose those games were fun and hard,but I worked hard to accomplish them.The fling the teacher was fun,I think we should have more online homework.It was fun!!!!!From,Annie Savant

  5. Hey!!!! That was cool.Normally homework is boring but that made homewrk not boring.I missed 1 one the fox game and 0 on fling the teacher.We should do homework on the computer more often.I enjoyed it.

  6. Hey!Mrs.Du'Bose I really like those games I only miss two on both of those games. I really love those games very much they are very education!They are very cool games!!!!!! from:Stannika

  7. Mrs.Dubose i really like the games.I just played the fox game (like three times) but I really liked them. Please put some more on here thier really fun. I promise I will be better tomorrow.Hope to see everyone tomorrow(Even Mrs.Brashier).BYYYEEE SEE U TOMORROW. I think Its spelled correctly. I THINK. LOL!!!!!!!From: Teanna

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