You Talk Too Much!

Want to know the biggest problem I have with my students??????? They want to discuss everything!

Not a bad problem to have! In fact, I welcome it. I have found that my students this year (most of them, anyway) would rather be late for lunch or recess so that they can talk more about our books and how they relate to the skills we are learning. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and under appreciated Thursday evening about school related matters. By Friday at noon, my students had given me a rejuvenated spirit and feeling of purpose. I walked out to recess (late, mind you) with a smile a mile wide simply because of my students.

These great people that I have the honor of spending time with every day, make such intelligent and thought provoking comments daily. They amaze me. I make notes at the end of each day to capture the best student comments heard. Below are my top ten picks of the week. I hope you get a kick out of them! (Students: if you see a quote from you, join in the discussion by commenting below)

Rue’s death woke Katniss up [figuratively] like Pearl Harbor woke America up during WWII.

Wow, Katniss really goes through a big transformation in this chapter.

Isn’t it ironic that Katniss chose Rue as an ally because she reminded her of Prim,  but she ended up being more like Katniss?

The Mockingjay must be a symbol for Katniss’s rebellion.

Katniss  has gone from fighting to survive to fighting for a belief.

Suzanne Collins must be one of those authors that writes a book not for money but for the joy of writing. I bet she is a lot like Katniss.

Mrs DuBose, I didn’t think you could help me spice up my writing at all but I’m starting to sound like a real author. Want to blog about me?   

Mrs. DuBose, can I go to the writing table and write a story?

Mrs. DuBose, will you print off the pages of the rest of the book so I can read more of it?

Student: Mrs. DuBose, are we going to get back to our writing prompts?

 Me: No,  that’ll have to wait until Monday.
 Student: AAAAAWWWWWW MAN!!!!!!!!!!!


16 thoughts on “You Talk Too Much!

  1. things in Georgia are confuseing but im really fiting in!!!! I have a lot of friends an they are like people in mississippi. I miss yall so much!!!! I am coming to a end of the book in mached hopefully my mom will get me crossed for my birthday!!! I think of everybody in ms every day!! An I might be coming to vist really soon!!!!!!!!!!! I miss everybody every much, an hope to see you soon. PS I would really like if every one would type me a little every day . -Annie C.

  2. Annie, I got Skype downloaded on our classroom computer today. I will be getting a web cam soon so that we can use it. We will set up a time to Skype with your class soon. We would love to hear from your class about the books you all are reading. Does your reading teacher read a chapter book to you all or are you guys learning from a reading textbook?Mrs. DuBose

  3. Hi you guys, I miss you sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! I am done with Hungry games on to book two so exited to get it. I am fitting in to my old school soo much an I am this week going on a 3 day 2 night field trip I got to pack. I have a funny teacher named Mr. Weigand an not an assitant Ms. Richerds. They are 2,4,6,8, so great. At the moment my favorite subject is writing an I am the number one writer in the class we had a contest. I miss you guys very much hugs to every one- Annie Carpenter

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