A Year of Reading!

This has been an amazing year. A year of reading, really. I have never had a group of students more motivated to read than this group. Not only have they taken on the tasks of reading and discussing deeply what we have required for class, but they have independently become searchers and researchers of great literature. 

We finished our Giver series today. Although these books were not part of our testing curriculum (and by that, I mean they were pure read alouds…for listening pleasure), we have learned so much from these books. Life lessons mixed with deep analytical discussions of literary devices were the name of the game with these books. I have learned through reading these this year that beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. I also feel that delivery is everything. Although Lois Lowry can be quite somber in her literary quest for great plot, she also has such poignant and beautiful themes. I chose, as the sole reader and guider of these read aloud days, to focus not on the trees but the forest. The forest (no pun intended…for those of you who have read The Messenger) was a magical place for us to have real conversations throughout our entire year about character and social issues such as honor, truth, love, kindness, and overall good vs. evil in our world. As far as literary analysis goes, I had students picking up on such intelligent topics as dramatic irony and point of view, an author’s use of characterization as well as foreshadowing and flashback. Where some teachers spend a year knee deep in work sheets, we accomplished these same goals by reading for pleasure and simply having conversations. What a way to end a year. It has truly been a journey of discovery this year. The main lesson we walked away with today, was that there is evil in this world that we can only fight with good. Evil feeds off of tragedy. Evil was finally destroyed today with love, generosity, selflessness. I can’t think of a better lesson for us all to learn than that. 

 Kwaylon and Mrs. DuBose reading Freedom Crossing
Free book grab!
A group of eager students! They have decided that Lois Lowry must write another book in the series. They are writing a summary of what it should be, and I will email it to her for them. Can’t wait to get her response!

9 thoughts on “A Year of Reading!

  1. This school is going to miss you so much. What a fortunate group of students you have had this year, and I know in turn they have blessed you. Long live literature and the lessons it can teach!!!

  2. Mrs.DuBose, You were right, Son did end good, but I think there should be a book about Matthew and Annabelle.I hope McLin and Spencer's 5th book will fix this problem.I really want to hear more about them.Do they have pale eyes?I cannot wait to see!Anyway, I finished the third book of Ember yesterday and I got so excited over the last paragraph.It connected to the first book so much!It was actually Nickie's journal….wait!Sorry.I did not mean to be a spoiler.But those of you looking for some good books Ember is the way to go.Whew!That was a LONG comment!*Isabella T* 🙂

  3. Isabella,Thank you for your constant encouragement this year. You have been such a reading role model to all of us. Ember has been on my list to read for some time. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Dear Mrs.DuBoseThank you for being a great teacher and encouraging me to read. I have a question about the giver movie who is gabe do you know?I think if a lot of people get together and ask Lois lowry to make a another one of her awesomebooks she might do it WHO CARES if she said THE END she can act like it was a TYPO Thank you for reading them to us so now we can go see the awesome movie!!Thank you for encouraging me to read From: Survaria

  5. Survaria,I love the idea of another book and saying THE END was a typo. If you ever get to asking Lois Lowry if she wants to write another book, count me IN!!!! Isabella 🙂

  6. I am right ther with you Mrs. Dubose!This year has taken me on an astounding journey and has led me to many life learning lessons.Books are truly a big part of my life. I looked on your wall at my classmate's gifts. But Isabella's really stood out. Hers was to be able to go into the setting of a story. WOW! Wouldn't that be an adventure! Speaking of Isabella, I really loved your comment(Survaria's too) I read that series and reeeeeeaaaallllyy enjoyed it! Mrs. Dubose you have taught me the most I have ever learned in a whole year( that's a good thing) and I will be sure to take take that knowledge and pack it in my back pack for middle school!!!!!!!!!!! Erin 🙂

  7. Erin, Oh my gosh!Why do you have to be so nice to me and like the books I read?Now I will miss you so much!!Why can you just be mean so I won't miss you!!Haha!I don't really want you to be mean Erin.I like you and Spencer and Survaria and everyone else just the way you are.That's what makes you great. 🙂 Isabella Thompson

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