To Censor or Not to Censor


Recent conversations have stirred my never resting mind. I have been reminded that sometimes there are books we NEED to read to our children, in spite of the content of the text. I had to defend my choice of literature several years ago to get it added to my team curriculum. I had to continue defending it as each year went by. Eventually though, a reputation for the novel grew from word of mouth. A good reputation. One in which parents were trusting the one who was reading it aloud to children (that would be me :))

I ran across this blog this morning and was struck by one comment: “And sometimes you just need to trust that the author has a reason for what they are doing.” Oh how true this statement is. Pun completely intended, we tend to judge a book by its cover way too often. Until you have finished the book, or even sometimes the entire series, you cannot fully understand the intent of the author and what he/she is trying to teach. I am so grateful that my principal and my parents trusted me through the years with The Giver series. There were moments in the book where I had to even defend it to teammates. But in the end, the means were justified.

Read to your children… Yes! But read to yourself first to fully understand where the story will lead. I am sharing the following link from which the quote above comes. This blog post is regarding reading Harry Potter to young children.


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