Just a few January 2014 thoughts

First day back to school for the kiddos and I am loving every minute of it. Oh stop judging… YES I love my time with my two beautiful, creative, artistic, funny, sweet daughters. BUT, God gives us many things to love, doesn’t He? One of those things just happens to be peace and quiet. It’s never peaceful nor quiet when everyone is home. It’s funny how the dog just lies around and sleeps all day when it’s just she and me… but when there’s Dad (who enjoys loud, chaotic kinds of fun) and two girls who adore their playtime with Dad (screaming during tickle fights that could wake the dead), my desire for peace and quiet just doesn’t get met. It’s okay. I’ve got Monday through Friday.

Today I have reveled in ALL things SAHMhood. I took much delight in cleaning my house, cooking dinner early, vacuuming. I’m OCD and a germophobe. So  breaking out the clorox and pine sol was simply divine. Making the perfect vacuum marks on each bedroom floor was sweet success! Weird, maybe… but I’ve got a clean house.living room library guest bathroom fireplace tents girls beds

Now that all the beds are made, and the dinner is cooked, and the counters are disinfected, and the floors are either swept, mopped, or vacuumed I can rest peacefully and dive into what I really have been looking forward to since I dropped the girls off at school: reading my book. book

I usually pick a theme or topic I like for a year and stick with it. Hunger Games year was all about dystopian societies. I read every novel I could get my hands on that year that dealt with such worlds. Then there was the Southern Lit year. Welty, Williams, Faulkner were some of my best friends that year. This past summer I dove into classics I had not taken seriously enough when I was in school;  Fahrenheit 451, Lord of the Flies, etc.

My first book of this year is currently Allegiant. It is the third in the Divergent series that I began two summers ago. It was recently published and a movie trilogy will be coming soon. I can’t get enough of this book… although I can see the ending coming a mile away and I’m NOT going to like it. I hate it when a book leaves me with grief… longing for closure or peace or happiness. It doesn’t have to be a happily ever after. I don’t enjoy those tales anyway. I just need some sort of contentment and closure. I can already tell I’m not going to get that with this book.

I have decided to focus on two themes/topics this year. Since I love dystopian lit so much, I will stick with it. But I am adding in young adult fiction as well. Emerson and Reese are understanding more and more types of fiction and so, my endeavors to cultivate their reading future, will begin with me reading what I think they may like. Not just what they may like, but what will speak to their hearts, what will teach them lessons, what will guide them to make good choices.

So, as I’m off to continue reading my first book of 2014, please indulge me if you will. If you have suggestions for me (dystopian lit) or for my girls (books with heart and soul), please let me know. I’ve got a running list. Adding more to it, would be my pleasure.




2 thoughts on “Just a few January 2014 thoughts

  1. I am trying to think… Hailee loved the Junie B. Jones series. We giggles all of the way through those. Muggie Maggie by Judy Blume.

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