Sam I am!

Seven weeks in. Soaking in every second. It’s true what they say about the third. With Emerson I was all about structure, routine, rules. Sam has inherited, by birth order, the more laid back mom.  Setting an alarm to wake him up for feedings? No thanks. Washing off his pacifier after it hits the floor? Eh, who cares?  Picking ice out of the freezer one at a time and placing it gently and silently in the glass so that the automatic ice dispenser doesn’t wake up baby? Aint nobody got time for that!  Making sure he isn’t held too much for fear of him being too needy? Absolutely positively not. My children are certainly products of the mother I was at the most crucial time of their growth and development Emerson? OCD, anxious, nervous. Reese? Sensitive to a fault.  Sam? Well, his mom is a bit different from his sisters’ so he will probably turn out to be calm, cool, and collected…. that loves and needs his mom. Just what a “Sam” should be.

photophoto 1  photo 4 photo 5


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