Lois Responds Again!

lowryIn my last post, I mentioned that I’ve had a yearlong email relationship with my literary hero, Lois Lowry. I’ve been curious about her thoughts on the upcoming Giver movie, and decided to ask her to share her thoughts. She is a rock star and never fails to respond in such a timely manner.

Have I mentioned it’s my favorite book? Have I persuaded you to read the series yet? What are you waiting for? Her memoir, Looking Back, is amazing as well.

Ms. Lowry’s response:

I am excited that after all this time and many false starts THE GIVER is finally being made into a film.  The people involved are very respectful of the book and I feel it is in good hands.  The movie will not be slavishly devoted to the test; the language of film requires a different approach.  Only time will tell how successful the film makers have been, but I have high hopes.

As for the rest of the quartet, who knows?  If this film is successful i suspect they will want to try to make lightning strike twice.

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