Noonie’s Masterpiece


Today’s book plug is brought to you by Emerson – age 8. I love library days at school because my kids always bring home great books. They have a way about them…. picking out just right books is something they do well. Yesterday, Emerson topped herself. She brought home a book titled Noonie’s Masterpiece. The back cover said something about Noonie being an excellent artist, but that now she just needed to be brave as well. If ever there was a book written for my Emerson, I just know this is it. We took the book and a blanket and headed down to the lake to sit and read. After the first chapter, Emerson and Reese both went to writing. It was a mad dash to the reading response journal. I’m pretty sure this is going to be one of those stories that makes a difference. Can’t wait to read more. Please go grab a copy for yourself and join us. We are just getting started. Emerson would LOVE some book conversation as she blogs her way through this one.





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