Our Children Are Not for Sale!

And this is the book that the newly hired CCSS book approval committee says has too much violence. I say if you are going to hire people to approve another adult’s choice of books, at least hire people who read.


Let’s teach WWII without showing scenes of war. Let’s tell our students to stand up to bullies without showing them the proper ways. Let’s tell our teachers we don’t trust their judgement in the classroom. Let’s go to Google for our book reviews rather than addressing our concerns with the people who have read the books and taught the lessons. Let’s let them have the book Holes, by Louis Sachar, about a boy who enters a juvenile detention and is met with much violence, but dismantle their author study on Lois Lowry because it shows scenes of war. Let’s not worry about the themes of love, forgiveness, honor, bravery, and redemption that come from those stories. Let’s take away all passion, autonomy, and creativity from teachers so that they are left feeling angry and defeated. Let’s run out our best teachers. This is what top down political agendas will do to the future of public school education and it is such a shame.

Teachers don’t choose books to see how controversial they can be. Teachers choose the stories that give way to rich meaningful discussion within their classrooms, that will foster a love of learning, that will turn a reluctant reader into a lover of literature.

I’m still angry. And I pray that parents, educators, administrators, superintendents,Β  and students will join in the fight against the political games being played. Our CHILDREN are not for sale Mr. Gates!



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