Where is Your Mission Field?

Dustin and I are so blessed to have found an amazing church home here in Katy. One thing I appreciate about our pastor is that he is a true shepherd of his flock. He encourages his congregation to find their gifts, and then here’s where he differs from most… He actually fosters those gifts and passions. Matt Powell knew early on that my passion is to engage children through literature. I believe the first thing he said to me was, “So, is it safe to say you miss teaching?” He has asked me twice now to share my thoughts on his blog. I am grateful for his leadership and encouragement.

We meet in a school each Sunday. This past Sunday, he began worship calling for prayer and asking us to take a moment to pray for the teachers, administrators, and students that move through that building each day. One thing he prayed brought me to tears. He asked God to allow those teachers to see their job as a missionary. Teachers who are believers are missionaries… called to spread the love of God to the children sitting in front of them daily. I always considered myself in my mission field while I was teaching, but it never occurred to me to pray that other teachers would feel this way too. My prayers concerning teachers will be forever altered because of the prayers of my pastor.

Feeling blessed today. Sharing my thoughts via Matt’s blog today.




One thought on “Where is Your Mission Field?

  1. Amy,you do have a great Mission Field ! You have a passion for teaching your children and others.Prayers for all teachers whether at school,church or home.

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