You Mean I Have to Wait 13 Years to Give This Gift?

photo 1Here is an idea I got from Pinterest three years ago, that I am passing along to those interested. It’s the end of the school year and the perfect time to put this plan for your children into action. If you are not a fan of delayed gratification, this isn’t for you. It is a gift you will not be able to give to your child until they graduate from high school. But it is one that I believe will hold such special meaning for them well into adulthood. I got mine out of their hiding place today so that I could take to the school. As I opened the pages and read the notes and reviewed their awards and report cards over the last two years, it warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. A collection of well wishes and kudos that your children will cherish, is just a book away.

First, choose a great book that will mean something upon graduation day. Second, send a note to your child’s teacher asking if they will write a brief message inside for your child (you’ll have to find a way to get the book to your child’s teacher in secret). Third, collect only the most important milestone papers (such as thank you notes, report cards, awards) to keep in the back of the book. Fourth, keep hidden until the end of the next school year. Rinse, Repeat!

photo 3 photo 2

Four easy peasy steps, right? Off you go!


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