My Heart’s Eyes

deltaWhen I look at the South with my heart’s eyes, it’s like standing in the pages of a great book. I stand here and imagine myself in the middle of a beautiful story… Maybe a story written by Faulkner, Welty, Williams, or the like. This place has a story to tell. Some people open the pages of this place and read a story of depravity. Some read a story of racial turmoil. Some read the story of poverty and ruin. Some see an uneducated people through these pages. But then there’s the few faithful who pick up this book and read the story of tragedy AND triumph, beauty IN THE MIDST of the stereotypes, nostalgia, and loyalty IN SPITE OF the naysayers, and wisdom BEYOND what any school can afford. Opportunity is here. It may not jump out at you. You might even need to be a dreamer to discover it. Maybe that’s what this place is to me. A place for dreamers. A place to discover and dream. When you can see the forest through the trees, you’ve made it. When you can distinguish history and culture from dusty and dilapidated, you’ve arrived. If that’s you, be proud. There are few of us who remain. Mississippi needs the dreamers and the visionaries. It is they who breathe life into her ruins. I know some of these dreamers. They aren’t just entrepreneurs who are looking for the most profitable site for their new business. They are the creators, the painters, the story tellers who end up bringing success to the chapters of this great southern book. It’s an amazing book. You should read it for yourself!

  The Mississippi Delta.


2 thoughts on “My Heart’s Eyes

  1. Amy, have you ever considered selling some of your writings ? Sometimes the magazines( good house keeping ,southern living ,country living or etc. ask for short stories. You illustrate your words into pictures. I want to read you and Emerson ‘s first books. Keep up the good work. Wish I had the love of books that you have. I love reading the Bible ,devotions ,short stories and great writings like yours. They have to hold my attention like yours do. Love ya !

  2. I will go to my grave believing that I live in the greatest place on earth… Mississippi. A beautiful place full of history, culture. A people full of hope, loyalty, pride, values, tradition, respect, faith, family. Mississippi… THE South. I wouldn’t trade her for all the money in the world. It’s like coming home

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