Homeschool Year Two: post1

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This new homeschool year is bringing such unexpected delights. The book selections this year are every historical literature afficianado’s dream. While I’ve never been a huge fan of historical texts, the Medieval times and Renaissance period are both eras which produced a plethora of texts, both fiction and nonfiction, that really speak to the heart of humanity. Already I have had such great conversations, centered around this literature. What better way to teach a child about the moral and ethical paths to take in life, than through story? My 9 year old and (almost) 13 year old students are reading and discussing some of the same texts. It has been so encouraging to see them both fully understand the deeper meanings within these stories. While my younger student may see a king who has learned that ruling with compassion ensures more support, my older student hears the same story and concludes that the author is showing through her characters, that humility and forgiveness are two of the most important ways to share our humanity. The two boys have been able to learn from each other by sharing their own unique perspectives. Beowulf is next on the agenda. This has always been a favorite. But, I think I am mostly looking forward to reading and discussing The Canterbury Tales. I am sure teaching my bilingual 13 year old how to pronounce the prologue in Old English will be a hoot. Southern meets Colombia!!! Video of teacher and student soon to come. Stay tuned.


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