Online Reading Log for Children

bean ivyI remember the drill….Go easy at first, then let ’em have it!

Week three of school and the homework begins. Up until now, I haven’t had much to do at night in terms of working with Emerson and Reese. Reading is of course a nightly occurrence, but there just hasn’t been much written work in their prior grades.

Tonight, was my first taste of real¬†homework with two children. And although I really did love every minute of it tonight, I couldn’t help but think… “How will I tackle this when there are three of them?”¬† … and furthermore, “How will I help them when they move past third grade math?” Emerson read silently while I worked with Reese; Reese read silently while I worked with Emerson. I must say, these Texas schools are serious. Serious about their sports, serious about their physical education classes, serious about their state flag, serious about their academics. I am growing more and more fond of Texas every day!

Children’s literature is something I can sink my teeth into, for sure. Ms. Hudspeth (Emerson’s reading teacher) has started the year off right. She introduced us tonight to an online reading log program called Reading Rewards. If you have not seen it, I encourage you to check it out. This is great for children, as it is such a positive tool that encourages reading. I’ll make it easy for you:

Emerson and I have been reading Ivy and Bean together at night. Tonight she read a chapter of it aloud to me for her reading log assignment, and then logged her time online. She then, had to complete a written response about the book, answering several questions. Here is what she wrote:

I read the chapter called “The Ghost of Pancake Court” in Ivy and Bean. This book is fiction because it’s not real. It is made up. I want to read this story because it looks like a fun chapter book from the front cover. Maybe Bean will bump into Ivy and Ivy will be nice. I think Bean is a crazy girl and does silly things. I would not do those things, like hide in the bushes, and ride my bike really fast around a curve. I think in the end, Bean and Ivy will end up being friends, or maybe they’ll be friends and then something happens to leave us hanging for the next story about them.

I am enjoying seeing a love of literature emerge!

Now…I’ve got shelves and shelves of girl books filled to the brim with amazing girl characters: Gooney Bird, Pippy, Pinkalicious, Anne Shirley, Anastasia Krupnik, Mrs. Spider, Junie B. Jones, etc. etc. etc. But, I am at a loss when it comes to boy books. Of course, The Giver series will be PERFECT for my little Sam! But that’s a way’s off. So, if any of you out there have some great titles you want to share for little boys, I’m all ears. I only have 6 more months to fill the shelves for Sam!