Let’s Discuss This

Confession: I am shamelessly addicted to young adult literature about dystopian societies. I need discussion, people. And since I’ve banned facebook (ok, I cheated once) for a little bit, I’m taking it to the blog.

My favorite YA distopian novels would be:

  1. The Giver series
  2. The Uglies series
  3. The Delirium series
  4. The Crossed series
  5. The Hunger Games series
  6. The Divergent series
  7. Starters
  8. Fahrenheit 451
  9. A Brave New World
  10. 1984

I need a new story. Send your suggestions ASAP.

Who sits around reading and THEN writes about it when they don’t have to?¬† I literally just finished the third book in the Divergent series, Allegiant, mere seconds ago and couldn’t wait to get my thoughts on paper. This book took me an unusually long time to finish. I usually finish within days, but something kept me away from this one. I’d read a few chapters and then put it down for a week before picking it back up again. I had heard so many reviews and warnings that the end was horrible and so I wasn’t thrilled to reach it. I kept imagining the worst. Maybe imagining the worst set the real ending up for failure. It was bleh, uneventful, and just too predictable. It didn’t bother me. It didn’t make me cry or laugh or cringe in disgust. It didn’t do what I wanted it to do. Still, I would recommend you read the series. Go into the third with no preconceived notions and you’ll be fine. In fact, it might just conjure up all those feelings a good ending should for you the way it did for most. Like I said, I set myself up for disappointment by imagining a far worse and more dramatic ending than was written.

The movie is set to release tomorrow. The first book in the series is amazing. The second is as well. So if you haven’t read them, I say you must. Maybe the movie will ignite some to go read the rest of the series… the way Hunger Games did. I’m betting it will.

Now, as for my beloved Giver series… Why hasn’t everyone read this yet? The movie trailer worries me… even makes me a little sad. I’m preemptively assuming it will take too much artistic license. I already know that the movie will show more of a relationship between Jonas and Fiona than what Lois Lowry wrote. I emailed my friend, Lois, yesterday to ask for her thoughts on the matter. She and I have had an email relationship for about a year now. I can remember the first response I got from her. Giddy doesn’t even come close to describing it. My facebook wall blew up that day! I immediately forwarded her words¬† to everyone I could think of. I felt like a rock star. She went on to visit my class blog and write a note to my students. She was the rock star for sure! I’m anxious to see what she has to say about the movie adaptation. And if I hear back, you better believe it’ll be public knowledge.